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Real Client Testimonials

Learn about other clients’ experiences with our services

– Laila,  from Louisville, KY

– Robert,  from Bardstown, KY

– Shyanne,  from the East End, Louisville, KY

– Janet,  from Louisville, KY

– James,  from Campbellsville, KY

– Violet,  from Springfield, KY

– Troy,  from Louisville, KY

– Melissa, from Louisville, KY

– Rhonda,  from Newburg, Louisville, KY

– Kiara,  from PRP, KY

– Joe,  from La Grange, KY

-Ty,  from Louisville, KY

-Katherine,  from Prospect, KY

-William, from Louisville, KY

-Kevin, from Louisville, KY

“John Whatley by far is the best attorney I’ve worked with. He was very pleasant and patient with me. He has excellent customer service and his staff was nice! He was very prompt and I liked how he stayed on top of my case. I was very pleased.”

-Lisa from Shively, KY
Google 5 Star Review

“I heard about my attorney, John through a mutual friend. He has really been an awesome attorney seen the beginning. He always kept me in the loop about what was going on in my case. He was also very affordable. I give them 5 stars!”

-Shonda from the West End, Louisville, KY
Facebook 5 Star Review

– Patrick,  from the Louisville, KY

– Latwuane,  from the Louisville, KY

– Conisha,  from the Louisville, KY

– Kathleen,  from Louisville, KY

– Jaque,  from Louisville, KY

– Sam,  from Shephardsville, KY

– Jacob,  from Louisville, KY

– Martina, from Leitchfield, KY

– Tami,  from Louisville, KY

– Gloria,  from Louisville, KY

-Todd,  from Charleston, SC

– Alexis,  from Valley Station, KY

-Caleb,  from Louisville, KY

-Wayne, from North Carolina
Google 5 Star Review

-Winston, from La Grange, KY

“Very helpful and very friendly.”

-Taylor from Oldham County, KY

“I will definitely refer other people to them. I will put their name out there!”

-Chuck from Old Louisville, KY

“I heard about Rob Astorino from another satisfied customer. I chose to go with Rob at Stein Whatley because they assured me that it was the other guy’s fault. Rob was very professional and answered any question I had. He also walked me through the entire process. Rob is the man!”

-Rob M., from Jeffersonville, IN
YouTube Testimonial

“Stein Whatley was recommended to me through people at work. They handled my case very quickly and were always very friendly throughout the process.”

-Madison S., from Elizabethtown, KY
YouTube Testimonial

I would highly recommend these attorneys. Rob is the best he helped me in a case. We won the case and got paid what I was owed. If you need attorneys these are the people that will fight for you and the only lawyers I will trust.

-Jacob Yeager
Google 5- Star Review

John was very accommodating and generous with his time. As we are all upset about whatever problems we have, he was able to give me the advice and assure me that he wud provide the correct avenue to the solution. John is knowledgeable and honest. He’s a great guy and an amazing friend to everyone. Highly recommended

-David Whaley
Google 5- Star Review

t’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Stein Whatley Attorneys. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the Stein Whatley team. They took care of everything. I could not be happier. I’ll never call anyone else. They are my guys!!

-Bobby Dearing
Google 5- Star Review

Sometimes when you need an attorney, it can be a challenging time in your life. However, if you work with John and his team, it is not. They are very sensitive and very knowledgeable in what they practice. When you work with them, you feel like you are the only one and they take as long as they need to make sure you get the best results that you can have. I highly recommend anyone needing services to stop looking and just call their office to see what I mean.

-Veronica Redmyer
Google 5- Star Review

I really appreciate Stein Whatley Attorneys helping me with my case they are doing everything to help me. They are very professional and keep you up dated on your case. Their staff went above and beyond to get me out of a tight jam. Attorney John Whatley worked diligently to get the results he promised. i would definitely recommend.

Google 5- Star Review

Stein Whatley attorneys was the best! (John Whatley) was very good at communication, he takes care of the people he’s helping and makes sure that they understand every part of what’s going on! Definitely recommend Stein Whatley attorneys!

-Olivia Thompson
Google 5- Star Review

You could not ask for a better and more professional firm!!! They definitely go above and beyond. My daughter could not have been in better hands.

-Al & Jen Allgeier
Google 5- Star Review

As a Florida Bar Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, it was important to find Kentucky lawyers that were exceptional to handle a car crash case for my 4 injured clients. Rob Astorino and his firm were the perfect choice! Rob showed compassion, dedication and aggressively obtained great results. When I next need a Kentucky injury lawyer – I will confidently call Rob!

-Tony Caggiano
Google 5- Star Review

Great folks! We worked with John Whatley who was professional, honest and pleasant to work with.

-Brittany Noe
Google 5- Star Review

It was my first time being involved in a situation having to have an Attorny, and John was very informative and helpful through the whole process!

-Violet Mayo
Google 5- Star Review

I was very pleased with the outcome in my case. My attorney John Whatley kept me abreast of everything in a timely manner and achieved unexpected results.

-Rhonda Williams
Google 5- Star Review

We had a great experience at Stein Whatley last week and grateful in particular for Rob Astorino’s attention to detail and extra time.

-Jasmine Farrier
Google 5- Star Review

“Most people say “I’m not a person to sue anyone ” I definitely was one of them until trouble came and experienced pain and suffering. I was referred to Stein Whatley Attorneys by a coworker who also saw what I went through. I met Rob Astorino who took my case. Rob is amazing, he communicated with me all throughout and told me the truth concerning my case. Finally we were able to settle without any problems and I am grateful for him fighting for me. I would definitely recommend Stein Whatley Attorneys for your legal needs.”

-Idah Kariko
Google 5- Star Review

“I highly recommend Rob Asterino if you are in need of a personal injury lawyer. Rob was patient, kind, and always there for my questions. I had his support through my entire ordeal and always felt like I was up to date.
Rob is passionate about his clients and helped me through the grueling process. Rob helped me get what I felt like I deserved and did not back down.
Thanks Rob, I am so glad our paths crossed..”

-Kristen Brentzel Tipton
Facebook 5- Star Review

“John Whatley did my husband’s will and also did a will for a family member. The will for the family member needed to be done on short notice due to a medical emergency. John went to the hospital personally to have the will signed so it could be done before the family member’s surgery (pre covid days). He also represented my daughter when she was injured in a car accident. John was always available to answer questions and kept my daughter up to date on how her case was progressing. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, caring, and accessible lawyer, I highly recommend John Whatley.”

-Janet Games
Facebook 5- Star Review

“John Whatley is a stand up guy who goes above and beyond to make sure you get the legal help you need. I would recommend John to anyone who is in need of an attorney. He is patient, nice and extremely professional. He’s very quick to respond if you have any questions or concerns. I can’t recommend him enough!”

-Caitlin Beck
Facebook 5- Star Review

“Most of my experience has been with John Whatley and he and his group are professional educated and true supporters and fighters for their clients! They are there for the client and getting the resolution to help the client not fund their own pockets! If you are in need please don’t hesitate to call John and his partners…. it’ll be a mistake if you don’t call! He would be my first call if I had or knew someone in an accident!”

-Johanna Schneringer Wheatley
Facebook 5- Star Review

“I heard about my attorney, John through a mutual friend. He has really been an awesome attorney seen the beginning. He always kept me in the loop about what was going on in my case. He was also very affordable. I give them 5 stars!”

-Ms Lady Bug
Facebook 5- Star Review

“Matt is a friendly guiding hand at those rough point in your life. He goes far beyond his job title treat you like a person not a number. In your time of need you can definitely depend them being on your side.”

-Marie Foley
Google 5 Star Review

“Very thorough in pursuing the best outcome for me. Much appreciative”

-Sandra Robey
Google 5 Star Review

“One of the nicest people I could talk to and straight up what was going to happen.”

-Darrin Ellis
Google 5 Star Review

“If you’re seeking legal advice and are looking for someone fair and just, Stein & Whatley Attorneys is your go to place. I had the pleasure of Rob Astorino overseeing my case. Not only was he very professional but also cared enough to get to know me, myself. While speaking about the case, he would also ask how my family is doing, being a generally caring person. The price of the case was also very reasonable, beating out most competitors. I feel very confident putting my name out for them. Overall it was a great experience and I hope they can do the same for anyone reading this!.”

-Matt Lykins
Google 5 Star Review

“John Whatley has done several different things for me, my friends and family. We can’t say enough positive things about him and the entire team of Attorneys he works with. He even came to my parents home because they are elderly and it’s harder for them to get out.  Thank you John! We will definitely be back.”

-Suzanne Follacchio
Google 5 Star Review

“My boyfriend’s grandmother recommended me to Rob. She knew about Stein Whatley from her business network. I was happy that they were able to take care of my case without any issues. This allowed me to take care of myself and focus on healing. Rob answered all the questions I had and made things super easy for me. I’ve never been through anything like this before and I was super nervous. It turned out to be a good experience because I felt like I was taken care of through the entire process.”

-Jasmine P., from Louisville, KY

“Highly recommend Rob Astorino Jr. He was great to work with and helped my family and I settle our case quickly.”

-R. Payne 
Google 5 Star Review

“Just want to thanks Matt a lot for everything he has done for me. Very grateful!”

-Yanex Funes
Google 5 Star Review

“I absolutely love the interchange of encouragement and support from Mr. Stein and Mr. Whatley throughout my case. They are incredibly patient and knowledgeable and always willing to explain matters in a way for me to comprehend successfully. I will refer anyone to Stein Whatley Attorneys. Super classy. Driven professionals. Warm and welcoming individuals, not just Attorneys.”

-Antreal Newman from Louisville, KY
Google 5 Star Review

“I’m very pleased to have used Stein Whatley, and John Whatley Attorneys. I can’t remember how I found them, but I find them to be very good attorneys. Not only are they very nice people, but they keep it real. They will tell you up front what they can, and can’t do. They are always opened up for questions, and if there’s something you don’t understand, all you have to do is ask them to break it down to simple form. They have a good spirit about them that makes it easy to talk to them. I would use their services again, and refer others.”

-Shavette Holt from Louisville, KY
Google 5 Star Review

“Mr. Rob Astorino and this firm were the ONLY ones to hear me out and stand on my side in an odometer fraud case. They gave me legal representation when nobody else would give me the chance and fought hard to give me the justice I deserved. Not only did I win, I won big and it’s all thanks to them. If EVER I have another case like this they are definitely the only ones I’m going to call. Thanks a million guys!”

-Joseph Wortham from Louisville, KY
Google 5 Star Review

“My husband and i couldnt be happier with the service we recieved. Friendly, professional, and prompt. Thank you for representing us. Highly recommend.”

-Jennifer Stanley from Louisville, KY
Google 5 Star Review

“Matt Stein and Rob Astorino are the greatest! I was able to sit back and recovery from a car accident that I was in and they handled the rest. I was able to contact them when I had questions and was always treated with the respect and understand! Highly recommended! Very profession group of attorneys!”

-Joseph Shaffer from Louisville, KY
Google 5 Star Review

“John Whatley is a stand up guy who goes above and beyond to make sure you get the legal help you need. I would recommend John to anyone who is in need of an attorney. He is patient, nice and extremely professional. He’s very quick to respond if you have any questions or concerns. I can’t recommend him enough!”

-Caitlin Elliot from Louisville, KY
Google 5 Star Review

“John Whatley by far is the best attorney I’ve worked with. He was very pleasant and patient with me. He has excellent customer service and his staff were nice! He was very prompt and I liked how he stayed on top of my case. I was very pleased.”

-Lisa Hunter from Louisville, KY
Google 5 Star Review

“John Whatley went beyond the call of duty for my husband and myself. He came to the hospital to make sure we had peace of mind by writing up our wills. He is one polite and helpful young man you will ever want to meet. Thanks John!”

-Bonnie Hardy from Louisville, KY
Google 5 Star Review

“Whatley attorneys are the best there is in KY. They took great care of me and my case. They were also more than willing to help me out with legal advice after my case was over. Easy 5 stars from me!”

-Graham Stunts from Louisville, KY
Google 5 Star Review

“John and his partners are outstanding attorneys! They advocate strongly for their clients, and I refer to them whenever possible. Very responsive! Highly recommend!”

-Ryan Pogue from Louisville, KY
Google 5 Star Review

“John Whatley is a top-notch attorney who gets the job done. I would recommend Stein and Whatley Attorneys at Law to anyone that has a need for an attorney. Thanks again John for a job well done!”

Wayne Foreman from Louisville, KY
Google 5 Star Review

“I was referred to this law firm from a family member. I felt like the Stein Whatley Attorneys were thorough and took care of me throughout my entire case.”

-Narka from Radcliff, KY

“Excellent attorneys that treats their customers with compassion and understanding regardless of the size of the case. John Whatley is quick to respond and quick to resolve issues. I highly recommend!”

-Amy J., from Louisville, KY 
Google 5 Star Review

“Rob was great. He explained to me how the legal process could unfold and what my best options were. Definitely saved on fees because of his honesty.”

-Brandon B., from Louisville, KY
Google 5 Star Review

“They are very efficient, trustworthy and work to benefit their clients. I am very satisfied with the way they handled my case. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking legal counsel. They were also very helpful in getting my medical needs met and my care expedited.”

-Jennifer P., from Shively in Louisville, KY

“I was given John’s name by a family member. Stein Whatley has now represented me twice. They made the process very easy and worked diligently to settle my cases. Each time they acted with professionalism and settled my cases with positive results.”

-Emily R., from Mount Washington, KY

“I had some legal issues that I allowed to spin out of control landing me in a giant web I felt like I could never get out of. John was so helpful and went over and beyond in helping me resolve these issues. I am proud to say that I have worked my way out of that web and I am forever grateful to John for his help. I recently moved to Las Vegas and a situation came up that required documentation from the Jefferson County Courthouse. I reached out to John and I had what I needed within 24 hours. Forever grateful. Thanks John”

-Jerod L., Las Vegas, NV
Facebook 5 Star Review

“I greatly appreciate all that you’re doing to help me out! I have what will probably be a minor case but I’m being treated the same, regardless! So knowledgeable! Thank you!”

Nishea S., from Louisville, KY
Google 5 Star Review

“Fantastic law firm. The professionalism and promptness are two qualities I noticed right away. Thanks again John!”

-Clark A., from Middletown, KY
Google 5 Star Review

“A very intelligent man with much understanding for every case. He’s helped tremendously and cannot thank him enough.”

-Zach J., from Louisville, KY
Google 5 Star Review

“John Whatley is a very professional and dependable attorney. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need. Thanks again John!”

Justin B.
Google 5 Star Review

“It is hard to find a personal injury attorney you can trust. John Whatley is that attorney. He is a detailed and professional attorney who cares about his clients.”

-Rick H., from Jeffersontown, KY
Google 5 Star Review

“John Whatley is the best, anytime I have a legal question, or need advice about legal matters I know I can call on him and he’s always there to help me out!! Thanks for being such an awesome person inside and out!!!”

-Tiffany S., from Louisville, KY
Google 5 Star Review

Tiffany's testimonial
danielle d Testimonial

“Great firm! John Whatley has demonstrated excellent customer service, I know I can always count on him. I appreciate the work he has done for me and am very grateful. He is very dedicated to his clients. I would highly recommend Mr. Whatley!”

-Danielle D., from Lexington, KY
Facebook 5 Star Review

“We previously retained Matt Stein for another case. He was highly recommended by my father. I would recommend Stein Whatley Attorneys because they are highly efficient, provide great communication and always put my needs first. I had a wonderful experience. I felt my concerns were heard and my representation was exceptional. Thank you so much!”

-Bridgette H., from the Highlands in Louisville, KY

Bridges testimonial for Stein Whatley
kenneth testimonial

“Matt and Zach are stand up guys. They worked extremely hard for me. Being an active duty service member made my case very tricky. These two were extremely patient and understanding. I felt as if I had two of my buddies that I’ve known for years representing me. Communication was great! At one point I was getting represented by them while I was stationed in Hawaii. I’m grateful to have met two of the most professional and honest lawyers. Thanks again for everything guys!”

-Kenneth A., Active Duty Service Member Stationed in Oahu, Hawaii,
Google 5 Star Review