Motorcycle Accidents on Memorial Day Weekend: Season for Motorcycles

Be careful of motorcycle accidents on Memorial Day weekend.

It’s Memorial Day weekend in Kentucky! Time to drop the kids off at the pool, get ready for 3 months of 90-degree weather, and break out the motorcycle that’s been sitting in the garage.

Thousands of Kentuckians enjoy the thrill of riding on the open road every summer, and thousands more have loved ones that ride. We all need to do our part to make sure riding is a safe and enjoyable time.

Motorcycle riders have all the same rights and privileges of any other vehicle on the road. Unfortunately, most drivers don’t ride and don’t understand how dangerous it is when they cut off or turn in front of motorcycles. Riders know that motorcycles need room to maneuver around potholes and other obstacles. Drivers often don’t understand and don’t give motorcycles enough room. This is why we are reminding you to be careful of motorcycle accidents on Memorial Day weekend.

Even worse, if drivers cut off a motorcycle and cause a wreck the drivers’ insurance company tries to avoid paying. They say motorcycles are risky and riders know what they’re getting into. We all know that’s not fair.

How Stein Whatley Attorneys can help

At Stein Whatley Attorneys, we know motorcycle riding is a right. We fight for you if someone hurts or injures you while riding. Our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys understand the unique threats riders face in a world full of cars. In the event a close friend or loved one is killed by an inattentive driver while riding their motorcycle, the experienced wrongful death lawyers at Stein Whatley Attorneys are there to get justice.

You can read here for more detailed information on how we handle motorcycle accident cases.

Call us 502-553-4750 for a free consultation if you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle wreck. We would be honored to help you.

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