An Attorney From the Start

Stein Whatley sends at least one attorney to sign up your case, every time. An attorney needs to be present from the beginning.  Why do we insist on sending an attorney when so many other firms send an intake “specialist” which is just a fancy way of saying “not an attorney?”

Three Reasons

First, we don’t expect you to know everything that’s important about your case. It’s why you hire us in the first place. If a non-attorney comes to speak with you, they usually ask a pre-set list of questions, but are unable to adapt if something unusual comes up. If you are in a car wreck with multiple people will an intake specialist know what triggers a conflict of interest? Our experienced auto accident lawyers know. What if you are involved in a truck wreck where the police report says it’s your fault? Does a staff member have the expertise to look for potential violations of the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Rules and turn the case in your favor? Our experienced truck accident lawyers know. Stein Whatley Attorneys can explore multiple angles and give you the best chance to understand your legal rights because we send an experienced attorney to discuss the facts and circumstances with you on every case.

Second, most intake specialists are told to sign up every case regardless of their thoughts. Firms that use staff members for the initial meeting are terrified of staffers turning down cases because they misunderstand the law. Unfortunately, that leads to some people being released months later after an attorney finally reviews their case. At Stein Whatley Attorneys, we have experienced lawyers analyzing every case from day one. In the situation where we don’t think we can help you, we will look through our network of attorneys to help find someone who can. Sometimes our investigation doesn’t pan out, but it’s never because we send a non-attorney who doesn’t know what to look for in an initial meeting.

Finally, it’s important for our attorneys to start a relationship with you on day one. We tell you what to expect and answer questions you might have for us. We want you to know who will be guiding your case and be able to talk to us about what concerns you. When an intake staffer shows up to discuss your case, they can only answer the most basic questions. We bring our experience to the initial meeting.

An Attorney Needs to be Present

An attorney needs to be present from the beginning.  Our experienced personal injury attorneys attend every new case meeting and bring our knowledge to you. We believe it’s very important to do this, we hope you agree. If you have a case, you’d like to discuss with one of our attorneys, call us. We travel all over Kentucky and Southern Indiana to discuss how we can help seriously injured people. The first consultation is always free.