BOATING SAFETY: Fun and Frolic Can Result in Injury and Death

Boating safety extends beyond the confines of the boat, jet ski or other watercraft people enjoy on Kentucky’s lakes, rivers and streams. Many people suffer severe, disabling injuries on boat docks, boat ramps and storage facilities from a wide variety of hazards, including entering/leaving the boat at the dock, putting in/taking out the boat on the ramp and even from being struck by a trailer. The way in which people suffer injuries and death in, on and around watercraft is limitless and isn’t just when they are on the water.

Therefore, it is extremely important to exercise caution in these circumstances. Boat docks can be very slippery, cluttered, poorly maintained or in disrepair. Boat ramps can be very congested. Drivers pulling a trailer are not always experienced or fully attentive to the length and width of the trailer or pull the trailer without the properly sized mirrors, etc. These circumstances create potentially life-threatening conditions to pedestrians, bystanders, family members, boating guests, and others.

If you, a loved one or a close friend suffer an injury or death in, on or around a boat, boat dock or boat ramp there may be numerous sources of compensation for the loss. including but not limited to automobile insurance, watercraft insurance, property liability insurance and/or business liability insurance. In severe cases, even personal assets of the person or business responsible for the loss can be recovered to compensate the injured party.

Remember, watch your step, keep your head on a swivel and never assume the driver of a vehicle or the operator of a watercraft sees you, whether in or out of the water. Stay safe!

If tragedy strikes and you or a close friend are seriously injured.  The experienced injury lawyers will prosecute your claims and if necessary, file suit to force the at-fault person or company to compensate you.  Loses often include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, disability and property damage.  Stein Whatley Attorneys will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve.

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