What Does No-Fault Insurance Really Mean

No-Fault Insurance Explained

If you live in Kentucky and have ever been in a car wreck or struck by a car you’ve probably heard that we are a “no-fault” state. But what does this really mean? The police report says someone is at fault. The insurance companies want to know who’s at fault, and everyone still tries to avoid the blame. So, what’s the deal?

No-fault coverage in Kentucky refers to a portion of your insurance coverage called personal injury protection (PIP) or Basic Reparations (BR) benefits. PIP/BR benefits are at least $10,000.00 of car insurance coverage which can be used to pay for your medical bills and/or lost wages whether the wreck was your fault or not. These benefits apply if you are the driver or a passenger in a vehicle involved in a wreck. You are also entitled to these benefits if you are a cyclist or pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle.

The reason Kentucky has this coverage is to promote injured people seeking medical attention without waiting to see if they were at fault for the wreck. In Fact, PIP benefits are paid without regard to fault. Even if you are in a single car accident you still qualify for PIP benefits.

What does PIP cover? PIP only covers lost wages, medical expenses related to the wreck and replacement services loss. You cannot use PIP coverage to pay for vehicle damage, pain and suffering. To recover for those losses, you must show the other driver was at fault. This is why even though we are a “no-fault” state it is important to know who caused the wreck. You also may have additional insurance coverages like collision vehicle insurance, disability insurance, and health insurance. These coverages can help you pay for bills and vehicle damage while you’re waiting.

We can help you get the most out of your policy

Our experienced car accident attorneys will get you the most out of your insurance benefits. We also are able to investigate claims and help prove the other driver is at fault if they deny responsibility. If you are in a car accident and feel you were injured it’s important to seek medical attention right away. Because of Kentucky’s PIP coverage, there is little risk of getting stuck with a bill for getting checked out.

Our experienced car wreck attorneys are ready to file suit if your insurance company fails or refuses to pay the PIP benefits you are owed. Stein Whatley Attorneys will fight for you to receive what you deserve.

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